Monday, October 13, 2008

Andi and Steve Irwin and Friends

October 11th landed us at the fishing wharf at Duck Hollow, a marvelous choice by Andi and Steve. We dined on the river with fishermen, and after dusk, watched Target and Giant Eagle glisten across the river at The Waterfront (260 acres of shopping complex and parking lot).

Dawn pouring her fiancé, Eddie's, "Baton Brown Ale"

Before we started the meal, we were presented with gifts: Obama gear!...note poster and apron pins

Roasted pepper with marinated red cabbage and chives

Tony, self expressed post digger, plumber, and bear hunter joined us in conversation, shared photos of camp on the Clarion river, and tried some of the curried tomato pumpkin.
Dawn, Laura, and Claire's mother Judy serve up the tomato soup.

Steve, of The Surreal McCoys, brought his accordion and played a variety of tunes while we all relaxed after dinner.

To cap off the night, one of the fisherman caught a large catfish!

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