Saturday, August 9, 2008

Strip District: 1st Day on the Town

A great success! Not only did we get at least 3 definite reservations, but many people doing their morning shopping showed interest in our project.... including Allen, a former librarian and student of information sciences, who has started to document our progress. Thank you to all who stopped by.

Dawn, Laura, and Claire

Reservations, anyone?

Almost all of our ingredients are home grown and made, including the sea salt that Laura collected in Greece, and the red wine vinegar that Claire makes from her cousin's vinegar mother.

Spicy Lemon Grass Salad and Zucchini Squash Combo

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About RV Eatin' said...

Art that lives and breathes, we are reminded, does not end with the artists' contribution. Though much work was done in a week's time, there's much left to do. Our renovations to the trailer, as well as our idea of what it could become, are contingent upon the public that we wish to engage. Yesterday in the Strip District was yet another step in a series of many that will create RV Eatin'.